Perpetuating the Lessons of Service

Virgil Fludd posed leaning against a building

Virgil supports the Emergence Scholarship

“This scholarship speaks to me,” says Virgil Fludd ’80. “It is me. Some students need an extra boost, and I’m in a position to help. My goodness, why would I not do that?”

He’s talking about the Emergence Scholarship, which prioritizes students from underrepresented populations. To further support the diversification of Davidson’s student body and its commitment to access and excellence, Virgil has made a significant planned gift in support of the program.

Virgil’s love for Davidson grew over time. He attended Davidson during a less diverse, less inclusive time, and, although he was involved as an economics major, a member of the Black Student Coalition and both on the football and men’s track teams, on several occasions he considered transferring. But he stuck it out, got a quality education and is now a dedicated reunion volunteer, president-elect of the Alumni Association Board and a recently appointed member of the Board of Trustees who is passionate about Davidson’s progress.

“There were some challenges,” he says. “I had to learn how to study. I had to adjust to the racial disparity after leaving a high school that was nearly 50% students of color. I didn’t have one Black professor at Davidson. And it was cold—I grew up in Charleston.”

Virgil Fludd smiling by the water

Virgil Fludd ’80

Virgil’s fellow alumni helped strengthen his connection in the years following graduation. From friendships in the Atlanta area to business partnerships, Davidson people became key players in his life.

“It wasn’t the time at Davidson—it was the time after Davidson that inspired me to get involved,” he says. “I began to realize the value in the academic challenge, the lessons of hard work and service…I started to feel less like I missed out on something that my friends got at other schools.”

His contributions create even more opportunities for those who follow in his footsteps.

Today, Virgil is the special projects officer at Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). His career has spanned leadership positions in sales, marketing and executive recruitment and, for 14 years, he served the Georgia General Assembly as a member of the House of Representatives.