Fielding a Future

Jan and John Bazos with others from the college

President Carol Quillen with Jan and John ’82 Bazos and Head Coach Scott Abell and Crissie Abell

“Athletics Done Right - The Next Step,” the athletics facilities project launched by the college in the fall, has inspired alums, families and friends to support the future of Division I athletics at Davidson College through outright and planned gifts.

John Bazos ’82 and his wife, Jan, made a transformational commitment to support today’s Wildcats, who continue to strive for excellence in and out of the classroom. The Jan and John Bazos ’82 Sports Performance Center will allow the existing Doe Weight Room to serve as a cardio and wellness space for the campus community.

John wore No. 75 on the Davidson football field, and he is proud of where the program stands today under the direction of Head Coach Scott Abell.

“If a program’s doing well, it tends to affect the entire atmosphere on campus,” John said. “Some people don’t understand football or have any interest in watching a game, but the team’s success still matters. I disappeared for a while as I built my practice, and I’m excited to be more involved again and to be able to contribute to the betterment of Davidson.”

Another recent commitment came from brothers who can’t wait to see how the new facilities support their beloved ’Cats.

The Sheridan brothers

Mike Sheridan ’79 and Pat Sheridan ’81

Mike Sheridan ’79 and Pat Sheridan ’81, along with Pat’s wife, Nicoletta, and Mike’s wife, Sandy, have made a significant investment in the college’s new athletics facilities, specifically naming the new football locker room in honor of their teammates.

The brothers were each recruited by a number of impressive schools, mostly in the Northeast. But Mike was committed to going somewhere new, and the decision was easy for Pat, only two years later.

“I remember my mom, my sister and I went down to Davidson,” Mike said. “We had a great time and met a bunch of great guys. The coaches asked if I wanted to be a part of turning something around, so we both kind of came in on the ground floor of a rebuild.”

The Sheridan brothers helped build something years ago, and now they’re helping to build a future for the Wildcats.

“It’s a godsend to watch the team,” Pat said. “We can’t get down there for every game, but we watch online. We’ve gotten close with the coaching staff and truly want them to succeed. Coach Abell and his assistants are fantastic. We would love to be playing for this group!”