Love, Marriage, Davidson

Lorinna Lowrance

Lorinna Lowrance

Lorinna Lowrance—often seen wearing red with a large, silver Wildcat pendant around her neck—married a Davidson man. She didn't realize just how much of a Davidson man Joe Lowrance '54 was until the couple went on their honeymoon, and they just happened to be going through Williamsburg, Va. when Davidson was playing a basketball game against the College of William & Mary. Thankfully, Lorinna was happy to become die-hard Davidson, too.

"My Davidson friends and I say there is no way we can describe our love for this school to outsiders," she said. "It's a special package this place offers, and the feelings run deep."

Joe passed away in 2003, and Lorinna knows she is doing exactly what he would've wanted her to do by supporting Davidson's future. She is a regular contributor to Davidson athletics, and she has included the college in her estate plans, a gift that will support the new Athletic Center.

"I believe in the balance, athletically and academically," she said. "We do support athletics, but in doing so, I know we are supporting these incredible young people in the classroom as well. The new building, for example, really is for the whole campus, and I like knowing that our gift will benefit the entire school."

In addition to her generosity and belief in Davidson, Lorinna walks the talk. She rarely misses a men's basketball game, and she has traveled with the team many-a-time to tournaments in Orlando, Charleston and Puerto Rico.

"Joe and I are the only ones who've ever owned our particular seats in Belk Arena," she said. "I've been in those seats when we've only won five games in a season, and that's because I believe in Bob McKillop, and I believe in the teams he leads. I'm always there."

Also this year, Lorinna has formed a relationship with head football coach Paul Nichols '03, and she has made a conscious effort to attend as many games as possible, even when it requires sitting outside in the rain. She respects the integrity of Davidson's athletic programs and the commitment to excellence coaches, students and parents demonstrate on and off the court or field.

"I'm just 100 percent Davidson," she said with a smile. "And I guess if that's a bad thing, well then that's just too bad. It's simply who I am."