Davidson Through and Through

Jim and Peen Hardy

Jim and Peen Hardy are using their estate plan to provide scholarship support.

Jim and Peen Hardy welcomed their second grandson into the Davidson family fold this fall. He is part of the third generation of Hardys to become a Wildcat—his brother is a junior—and with each new experience comes new memories.

“I see what a difference Davidson made in my life,” says Jim ’65, “and I am grateful that our son and now our grandsons walk the same grounds, study in many of the same buildings. They are getting a wonderful education as they mature and interact with people with great intellect on campus.”

Jim was a small-town Georgia boy who went on to study at Columbia and Harvard in pursuit of a career in medicine. He says Davidson gave him the confidence to excel in whatever the Lord led him to. Now, he hopes the family’s contributions will allow future students to follow their passions, too.

“We’ve always had a heart for kids who do not come from families of means,” the couple says. “We have volunteered in after-school programs in the Orlando area, and we know there are very capable students out there who have the intellect, desire and drive to succeed at a place like Davidson, but they end up taking different paths because of finances. That’s why we want to try and help.”

Jim and Peen have included Davidson in their estate plan, with their gift designated to scholarship support. They are thrilled to be able to introduce deserving students to all the campus has to offer, including the traditions most meaningful to them.

“The Honor Code is one of the greatest parts of Davidson,” Jim says. “A close friend of mine turned himself in our freshman year and was dismissed from the college. We remained friends, and he went on to become a very successful lawyer. But I saw the way it worked, even when the outcomes were hard.”

Peen did not attend Davidson—it was an all-male school in those years—but she felt like a weekend student during her many visits. She was even crowned Homecoming Queen in 1964.

The Hardys cherish Davidson’s role in their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. Their contributions will ensure many more families become Davidson families, too.

To learn about ways you can honor and preserve traditions at Davidson—and support future generations of students—contact Dawn Smith at 704-894-2103 or dasmith@davidson.edu.